View Full Version : BuMed works like molasses!

08-22-09, 07:00 PM
A little vent for people against BuMed. I am still waiting like many others for BuMed to give us the physical clearance still for class 202. I found out orders are getting cut or submitted for come Sept 1. If BuMed isn't done by then say a couple of us get cleared Sept 5th, then we get rolled(steam rolled) in to class 203.

Granted yes regardless I am still attending OCS, but the fall is great weather little bit of hot and cold. For me its the perfect storm for an amazing experience. Not feeling the possibility of going in Jan to OCS. I'd rather be at TBS in January.

Only thing they told me last week was to call back next week. Some guy got cleared Aug 4th. I would think they would be pros at this but whew!