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08-22-09, 12:23 PM
I'm pretty sure that I'm going to pick up LCpl while at SOI from my recruiters duty...I have three people in the process of DEP'ing in and still 3 more who are still "talking" with recruiters.

My question is if I pick up LCpl while at SOI, in order to become a Cpl, do I have to wait out the TIS that I normally would to be a LCpl and then put in my TIS for a promotion to Cpl or would I immediately being working toward the opportunity to become a Cpl start as soon as I became a LCpl?

08-22-09, 12:34 PM
What ever date your promotion says on it will be when you start your way towards NCO. You dont have to wait out your time almost like a meritourious promotion. When you pin on the rank thats when you start working on the next one. Dont count on it for a while though and good luck.

08-22-09, 12:38 PM
they give promotions to LCpl for getting people to join? I thought you got promotion points towards Cpl when you rate a composite score.

if you did in fact get 6 people to join then you'll have another 100 points that will aid in your promotion to Cpl when your time comes.

I'd rather have that extra 100 points then 4 months extra TIG.... 'cause you'll be ahead of your peers by that 100 points.

08-22-09, 12:44 PM
Thanks for the info. If you recruit two people as a PFC, you get LCpl but after that, you just get points. And you can't go from Pvt to LCpl based on recruitment

08-22-09, 12:51 PM
I dont think they give you points for getting people in towards Cpl SSgt, could be wrong but I think it only applies towards your first two ranks. I also thought it was only a one time deal unless you got PFC out of Boot then went on the extended R&R after boot camp called Recruiting duty, got 6 people to join and they are going to hook you up with LCPL. I never went that route, Honor graduate Boot Camp and School two meritourious promotions back to back.

08-22-09, 12:54 PM
well then, if all 6 join you need to find one more..... are you sure you don't also get those points?

either way, be glad 'cause they tend to non-rec PFCs until they get a handle on how they are in some units (they did in 11th Marines (artillery))... but those points are important.....

so you'll be meritoriously promoted, you get promoted on the 2nd so that month doesn't count towards TIG... but the new way they compile composite scores it could work out in your favor if you get promoted in sept (actual promotion) then they would have to compile your composite score 2 months early, and could get promoted sooner (our unit never non-rec'd when this happened so when the warrant came they had to promote)....

it's not going to apply to you 'cause if you got promoted in sept, your first month would be october which is at the beginning of the new quarter....

it's quite possible I'm getting some number screwed up in my head and it could work out magically for you...

EDIT: @ hodges... yes, your MCIs and RA points go towards your composite score... you don't know this 'cause of those meritorious promotions back to back... but that's ok.... Junior Marines used to have to wait until they were LCpls for their MCIs to count towards Cpl but in 2003 that changed... could have been 2002.