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08-17-09, 07:39 PM
So, here's a little story about the police playing with what I like to call the "As* Kicker" (AK for you old timers, or converted Saiga 12 gauge AK for those keeping count).

So, been storming all weekend, and my son decides he wants to "camp out" in the living room. Camping out indoors means taking every blanket in the house, add chairs, a few pillows, and make a "tent".

So, here we are just after midnight, "camping" with the dog in the "tent" next to me. My dog gets up and leaves the tent, and sits a couple feet from the door...he just sits there (it's really dark, but I can still manage to see his shadow). He sat there for a few minutes and I start hearing a man talking. I'm thinking that the t.v. upstairs is sounding pretty good for such a small t.v. So, I ignore the "t.v.", ignore the pit bull sitting near the door for no reason at all, and close my eyes to sleep...

Few minutes later I hear what doesn't quite sound like a knock, sounds a little like gun shots off in the distance, but too close...just a weird sound. I laid there for about 10 seconds then said out loud "what the f*ck was that?", pretty much at the same time my son said "what's that?!?". So, I jump up, flinging blankets everywhere, destroying our "tent" and "camp" and tell my son "get up stairs, now!"

I run up the stairs, run to my closet, get the A*s Kicker, push the safety down, but didn't rack one into the chamber just yet (I had it loaded with 10 rounds of #4 buckshot). I had a funny feeling that there might be a drunk Marine at my door, playing what he thinks is a good prank, so I didn't want a round in the chamber till I had some kind of confirmation of what I might have been dealing with.

...by the way, my wife laid in the bed watching t.v. while all this was going on. She said she thought me and my son were pranking her...we do that alot.

Anyway, I run down stairs with my finder on the charging handle, and ask "who is it!?" No answer. I get closer to the door, and they start banging on it again, I ask lounder "WHO IS IT?!" I get a response on the other side that it's the police. I take a peek through the blinds and see a squad car drive by, then I look to the right and see a officer standing there.

I put the A*s Kicker down, on side of the door, and peek my head out to talk to the officer. He told me they had a 911 call and hang up. We went back and forth for a minute or so, me telling him there must be a mistake, and him telling me there's no way it could be a mistake. Finally I invited him in, warning him I have a loaded weapon next to the door, and told him feel free to look around. (I also explained to him why my living room looked the way it did). I went to put my dog in the kennel and noticed the cop point out the AK to his partner. I finally called my wife down to figure out what could have happened and she told us she dropped the phone and it could have did the auto emergency dial thing.

Anyway, one cop left, the other, on his way out said "dude that's a street sweeper!", as he picked it up. Then he asks me "may I?" (at this point he's shining his light all over it like it's an atom bomb). I say "sure, but it's not a street sweeper, it's a converted Saiga, and it's 922r compliant. He took the mag out and continued to fondle it and ask me questions about it. I think it impressed him a bit. (by the way, it looks NOTHING like a street sweeper)

Anyway, thats my bi-annual story for the forum, and I'm sticking to it.

P.S...I was kinda disappointed when I realized I wouldn't get to shoot a home invader...I don't care, I know it's not politically correct...whatever.

Incomplete without pics...

.223 on top, 12 gauge on bottom with one 12 rnd and one 10 rnd mag.


08-17-09, 07:47 PM
Damn, thought you were gonna say it was a bear.... good thing it wasn't an intruder, all those questions at the station and you'd probably have to get a lawyer. **** those guys!

Rocky C
08-17-09, 07:57 PM
Sweet Pieces !!!

BTW, don't make it a bi-annual story, that was great!!!

Semper Fi,

08-18-09, 11:55 AM
Damn, thought you were gonna say it was a bear.... good thing it wasn't an intruder, all those questions at the station and you'd probably have to get a lawyer. **** those guys!

Nan, I've got a .44 magnum that I've nicknamed "bear repellent" for when we go REAL camping.