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08-13-09, 06:38 AM
2009 tuition assistance deadline is Sept. 15

8/12/2009 By Cpl. Stephanie Ingersoll , Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton

If you have a college class starting in fiscal year 2009, the deadline to turn in your tuition assistance application is 5 p.m., Sept. 15.

The Camp Pendleton Joint Education Center is spreading the word that no more fiscal year 2009 TA applications will be processed after this date.

“The September 15 deadline is a Headquarters Marine Corps fiscal mandate,” said Pat Jeffress, education service officer, Camp Pendleton.

Active-duty Marines are authorized $4,500 in tuition assistance each fiscal year to put toward earning a degree. The new fiscal year begins Oct. 1, which means Marines can receive up to $4,500 for TA.

The funds are limited to $250 per semester credit hour and $166.67 per quarter hour. For further details, refer to Marine Administrative Message 571/05.

“Every student will be eligible to attend classes after the Oct. 1 (fiscal) 2010 time frame,” Jeffress said. “So, if a student has a class that starts Sept. 15 and it does not end until Oct. 15, they are good to go. However, if their class starts Oct. 5, their TA cannot be processed until Oct. 1 and not any time before,” she said.

Tuition assistance provides Marines with the financial aid needed to continue their education during their off-duty time without withdrawing from the Montgomery GI Bill. They can enroll in online courses or attended college classes offered by on-base or off-base schools.

Military students using TA for the first time are required to attend a College 101 brief per MARADMIN 571/05. College 101 briefs are held at the Camp Pendleton JEC. For times call (760) 725-6660.

The JEC will begin processing fiscal year 2010 applications, Oct. 1.