View Full Version : Local Marine leaves legacy to new recruits

08-08-09, 07:53 AM
Local Marine leaves legacy to new recruits
Chelsea L. McGowan

Big Mack Bronaugh knew he didn’t have long left to live, and knew that in his short time, he couldn’t personally speak to every young man in Weatherford about his experience in the United States Marine Corps.

So before his death on July 24, Bronaugh used his time to write an inspirational poem, which now hangs in his honor at the Marine Career Center in College Park.

“The Marines here stepped up 125 percent for my brother,” said Richard Bronaugh, who presented the framed poem to the recruiting station Thursday. “Thanks to these people, my brother had military honors at his funeral.”

According to Richard, the Bronaugh brothers have always been proud of their military heritage, and were proud to see their sons enter the service as well. Richard said his brother knew he wanted to serve in the Marines since he was a child.

“When we were kids, he told me he wanted to be a Marine until he died,” Richard said. “I asked him what he was going to do after that, and he told me that then he’d be a dead Marine. That’s the kind of guy he was ... he was dedicated. Once a Marine, always a Marine.”

Richard said he hopes young men who enter the recruiting office to talk about possible service will read the poem and be inspired to serve as loyally as his brother did.

“All those young men need to do is read this poem, and they’ll see it came from the heart,” he said. “This is what my brother loved, and I’m honored that his words are going to hang here.”