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08-04-09, 10:45 PM
Have I got a good one for you.
Lets see I was at Quantico Va. and I was dating a very pretty young woman who had a Young daughter about 2 years old. well one day she said lets see other people so I did like any red blooded man would do.
I went to the E-club and started to dance and drink like some of us do. I was dancing with a very young and pretty gal and she said whats up Marine and being the Marine I was I said Hard-ons and Airplanes! she said I don't see any wings on your AZZ so lets see your hard-on. Well two hours later we had done the nasty and where done and I was cleaning up and the door bell rang . She said who is it and he said It's me B*tch open the F*cking door.well two weeks later two other Marines got the Clapped and I didn't.Thank god for condoms and being first before her husband,or I would have had it. P.S. I swear I didn't know she was married before that night.He was an azzhole to her and now I know why.

08-04-09, 11:16 PM
Had a roomate at the Naval Hosp in Key West in 67' and 68' who started messing with TWO MARRIED women!! We were drinking buddies, and he stood up for me in a couple of bar fights!! We always got bloodied! Broke both of our noses....IT SHOW'S!!.....ANYWAY...one LATE nite, he called me to say that while he was pumping one lady, the OTHER one was banging on the door!!! He jumped from the second story of the apt., and NAKED....RAN LIKE HELL!!!! I was driving down the road, in front of the apt.'s...and saw this NAKED guy running like HE!!, with TWO crazy women chasing him!!!! I ran off the road, I was laughing so hard!! He went to NAM in Sept. of 68', and lost his left arm, during a firefight...heard that he got a Silver Star for his bravery...and hard headedness!! Haven't seen, or heard from him since summer of 68'. GOOD MEMORIES!!....DOC