View Full Version : Happy Birthday J.A. Garland.....

Phantom Blooper
07-12-09, 06:29 AM
Hope you get ALL the Morning Zephyr that your body can stand!:beer:


07-12-09, 06:35 AM
Happy Birthday!


Rocky C
07-12-09, 07:15 AM
Happy Birthday Jesse!!!

07-12-09, 10:32 AM
Thanks y'all!

07-12-09, 12:49 PM
Happy Birthday, J.A. (Gentle Breeze) Garland. If it wasn't for your creativity, initializing the Morning Zephyr, I wouldn't get all the non essential tid-bits of information that truly make my day. LOL. I hope that when you reach 100 years of age you will still be able to stand up and p1zz into into the pot. Actually, I hope that you can do that now.
All the best to you. Have the best of days.

07-12-09, 01:00 PM
happy birthday... are you 40 too?!!

07-12-09, 01:10 PM
:evilgrin: Happy Birthday may you have many many many more :beer: :iwo: