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07-12-09, 04:05 AM
When I PCSd from Oki to stateside I was in Chicago moving my wife, 2 sons and our gear across the airport. 2 gentlemen came up and offered to help us with our bags since I had a couple seabags and some luggage for my wife and I.

I thanked the 2 guys who helped me out and they said it made them feel good to help any service member and thier families when they could becuase they had family in the military. Made my wife feel good since she just recently got out of the Air Force.

Now since I was close to ending my final enlistment with the Marines I left my family in Ohio and did the whole Geo-bachalar deal. Plus I was looking at a year long deployment with RCT 6 so no point dragging my wife and 2 sons to NC when we was going to go back to Ohio.

Checked into my unit, put my stuff in storage at a friends house got a slap on the back an deployed to Iraq with RCT6. Comm Chief checked to make sure I had spent enough time with my family before we deployed and I ready to deploy again. After 2 months there I received a little message that my wife was preg with our third child. I kinda expected this but the shocker was AF messed up her final physical and she was preg for a bit. No big deal she had support of my family there while I was out in the sandbox.

Now my wife wanted to have a little girl and we talked about having another kid so the boys could have a younger sister or brother to pick on. The plan was a few years after I settled down and the boys were bigger. Any way my sister knew we were having a girl and my wife didn't want to know until the kid was born. She wanted the second kid to be a girl but we got a boy. So everyone but her knew that we was having a girl. We picked out a girls name and we picked out a boys name.

The day my wife went into labor was the same time the comm system I was responsible for had issues so for 3 days I didn't get much sleep becuase of getting updates of wife and new baby and that stupid 42 van crashing. Of course during this time my one sister(I have 3 younger sister) and my mom decided this would be a great time to change to concince my wife to change the names that her and i agread upon while I was away. 3 hours before my wife gave birth my wife informed me of the presure she felt from those 2 and they wanted to talk to me. i kindly remined my wife i hadn't slept in over 2 days and the names we agread upon were fine. if those two people got on the phone an wanted to debate names with me it wouldn't bold well for thier health. i was in no mood for stupidty. 3 hours later my daughter Salem Ranea was born on Feb 28th 2007. And my 1 sister an mom are still anoyed about the name but i told them to pound sand, my wife and i agread upon the name and if they don't like it I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.

Now i am used to deploying with the infantry and when they say your gone for 6 months you are gone. So to my suprise when I got combat leave which, i scheduled mine to be home around my wife's and son's b-day. When i was able to take my leave my daughter was 6 months old and I had the birth pic my wife sent me in the mail. I had other pics sent to me via email but this pic was special since my 2 sons signed it also.

After the huge shuffle and getting on the nice flight in my cammies I arrived in Alt GA. I rushed over to the ticket counter and asked the lady behind the desk to get me the earlist flight to Dayton Ohio becuase I had someone very important to meet. Then I showed her the picture and explained my daughter is 6 months old and I have yet to old her. The woman behind the counter then ensured I had a seat on a plane that was leaving in 25 minutes and was beginning to board. She called ahead and explained to them why they needed to wait for me and I was on my way.

Couple hours later my dad picked me up from the airport and I was home shortly after that. Then for the first time in 6 months I was able to hold my daughter. And I was able to see my boys again. Oldest was happy to see but the youngest was still mad becuase I "left" him. Took him a couple days but the stubborn little brat forgave me. Then he got mad again when I had to go back. Didn't see them again for about 8 months.

07-12-09, 12:43 PM
Great story Warbyrd..I bet your wife was surprised to see you actually got the leave..

Semper Fi...:flag:

07-12-09, 12:53 PM
nice story... got confused a few times from the type-os... haha...

"the little brat.." that's what I call my daughter. she was born dec 25th 2006... so they're not too far apart... how's she doing now?

Zulu 36
07-12-09, 12:59 PM
An excellent, happy story, indeed.

And a good one for some of these young wanna-be's and privates who want to hurry up and get married to note how much time Warbyrd13 had to spend away from the family.

It takes a special couple to do this successfully. Good job, Warbyrd13.

07-12-09, 02:15 PM
Thank you. It was a hard since my wife and I were still newly married and stuff. She was out of the AF and living in Ohio. Since she was from PA and a military brat i figured she could handle Ohio while I was gone.

Oldest boy Adam is atituide
Youngest boy Logan is stubborn.
Daughter Salem is arnory. sp

To be honest I blame thier mom for this. :D Then she tells me to go pound sand or she gives me simple non verbal communication with a single finger. Then I say thanks hun I know I am "number 1" in your life then she replies no dear your "number 2" and shows me with two single finger hand and arm singal. And she says this so sweetly with a big smile on her face. The kids get it all from me according to her.

Kids are doing good. Since I came back in Feb 2008 it took Logan a bit to forgive me again but life was good. The bad thing was it took my daughter just about 6-8 months to adjust to me. She did not like me and since she was now a yr old she had her own mind on what she wanted. So it was a pain i ha to deal with that my daughter was a complete stranger to me and she didn't understand I was her dad. But I have completely converted her to a daddy's girl and now she won't leave me alone.

Here is some advice for the young Marines who are still in thier honeymoon part of the marriage or thinking about marriage before deployments. Marriage is something you will always work at, there will be good times, there will be hard times and the military just complicates it more. If your kids are small they won't understand and as a parent its hard to leave your kids behind and its harder for your spouse since he or she don't know if you will make it back. So it takes very mature and strong people to deal with the long deployments and everything that comes inbetween. So you and your spouse better be ready for a hell of a ride when your deployed to the sandbox.

07-13-09, 03:24 AM
She wasn't suprised. She knew about my leave before I did. The head key wife called and told her about the leave and about when I was coming home. She was pi&&ed at me and I didn't have a clue what i was in for when I called and checked up on her.

I went and talked to the MSgt an he was like no one told you. I said when I hear year long deployment it means year long I don't understand this "combat leave" but I'm not complaining.

The leave was nice just going through all those briefs just to get on a plane is anoying.

07-13-09, 04:12 AM
Nice story Marine, Thanks for Sharing!!