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07-23-03, 10:33 AM
Dear All,
I really need advice! My husband has recently died..He served in Vietnam for 3 years 18-21 I think..He was being treated for for lung cancer and had just finished chemo...but he died just one month later fron bladder cancer~We did not know he had it, was a complete shock..He was only 55 and we had only beem married 6 months..I have been told that because we had only been married that short time I cannot claim benefit from VA..Is this correct? Also could exposure to Agent Orange or other substances from Vietnam caused bladder cancer? Has anyone heard of a 'worm' that lies dormant in the bladder and can cause cancer, this has also been mentioned because of the swamp area's of Vietnam..Any info that you could give would be much appreciated..I am back in UK as we were here to have our marrige blessed..now Rich is buried here..I really don't know where to start..please help..Thank you..


07-23-03, 11:40 AM
I am very sorry to hear about your loss.
I am also sorry that you are not entitled to VA benefits as you needed to be married for one year prior to his death.
Also, benefits are only payable to a spouse if the veteran died from a service connected disability and in this instance, he did not.
The VA is harsh in this matter thay have a saying...any VA claim for service connected benefits dies when the veteran dies.
Again, my sincerest sympathies to you.