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airborne rigger
06-24-09, 09:47 PM
From Oct. 74 to Dec. 86, Twelve years in,

Station at mcrd for boot camp and radio ops. course. 75
Okinawa Japan - Cp. Courney
75 - 76.
MCAS EL Toro Ca. Multi-Channel Plant." Hanger 2,
76 - 80
I & I Duty San Jose, Ca. 4 LS pBn.
80 - 81.
OKinawa, Japan. 3rd. Ln Spt Bn. B&pCo. Cp. Foster.
81 - 82
Cp Pendleton Ca. 1st LnSp tBn. Air Delivery Plt. 22 Area
82 - 86

If you were to check out my Album "what' ur name" and you recognize your face or the face of someone you may know, Drop me an e-mail and let me know what your up to, and just reminisce about old times and friends.

airborne rigger