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08-10-02, 09:08 AM
If this should help;
Monkey & Marble Mountain were to the South & South/East of DaNang. Monkey Mountain had the HAWK Battery, known as B Battery. Marble Mountain had the chopper unit & unknown units to me on it.
To the West of DaNang was Hill 327, also known as Freedom Hill. Thisalso contained a HAWK unit, called C Battery.
To the North of DaNang (about 15 miles) was the Hai Van Pass. At the bottom (South) of this pass was the ville of Namo & the Esso plant. Just across the Namo Bridge (South) was the Red Beach area & the Vietnamese graveyard.
The top of the Hai Van Pass was seperated by two hills; Hill 1192 (Operation Knox, Oct. 67) was to the West. Hill 724 was to the East (also a HAWK Battery, Known as A Battery). Just to the North of 724 was Hill 520. About 5 miles N/W of 724 was the Phu Bai area, Hue about 15 miles North of 724. The small hill to the South (East of Namo) was known as Hill 54 (not associated or mixed up with Hill 55 that was S/W of DaNang.).
The hills further North (DMZ) or around Ch Lai will have to be mentioned by somebody else, I was not there. Same-same for Hills 55 & 65.

08-15-06, 07:14 PM
Hi Dick,
My name is Wally Young. I was with MCB1DeltaCo,seabees at RedBeach. I did two tours ,1966&67. I read your posting and agree to it's accurate discription. My AOR was from Nam-o to the LangCo village. we maintained the bridges and culverts on rt. 1. We also did a road cut in on 724 and other work. I was wounded on the south approach to the Pass june 67. My squad was involed in a rescue of 18 marines from 724, that went off the south side of rt 1. was you one of the men? I have been intouch with one marine Richard Sawyer. Did you know him? he was from A" battery. You and me could talk all night, being in the same area. Well take care and welcome home.
Semper Fi
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