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07-21-03, 06:09 AM
07-18-2003 <br />
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Rumsfeld Plan Will Cripple the Reserve Component <br />
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By Paul Connors

07-21-03, 10:32 AM

Some will misused the "National Guard and Air National Guard".
If we were ever to go to a draft again.
That why the concept now is used was put in place.
I say again;

Semper Fidelis

07-21-03, 07:10 PM
I'm with you there on it being a big mistake. What will most likely happen is that the people in those critical MOSs with leave the service and never look back, whether it be reserve or guard. Also, they would lose a lot in the recruiting field for the reserves if those MOSs were strictly for active duty folks. With the burden Rumsfeld is proposing, such as an indeterminate time of activation for reservists and guardsmen, a lot of quality techies and support personnel would be lost to the civilian world and most employers would no longer support their employees that serve in those organizations.

My two cents...