View Full Version : U.S. has many reasons to intervene in Liberia - and must

07-20-03, 04:41 AM
THE N&amp;O: What should the U.S. role in Liberia be? <br />
JULIUS E. NYANG'ORO: Sending troops now is maybe a little bit late. The discussion should have taken place when it was becoming clear that normal...

07-20-03, 09:38 PM
The U.S. can not and should not be expected to change the diaper of every country in the world that makes a mess of itself.

Someone might say, "These poor countries cannot pull themselves up by their own bootstraps." To that I say let them fail! They need to work on economic growth instead of waring within. If they need the U.S. to hold them up, I figure that that could never stand on their own anyway.

It looks like we are going in, but I think it is a mistake!
No, we don't have the troops.
We have run out of money.
What next? The draft?