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06-12-09, 02:15 AM
Good evening,

i recently signed an open contract for MOS 02XX. My projected ship date is 16NOV09. However, my fiancee is pregnant and is due 15DEC09. I have spoken w/ my recruiter and requested that my ship date be moved up. After lengthy discussions with my fiancee, she is begging me to try to push it back to at least mid-January of next year. We are in a tight spot financially, live in a pretty crumby town, and live in a crumby apartment.

I am looking for any insight/advice as far as what to do. I would like to ship now, but I am not in shape, and have a wedding coming up at the end of the month. My recruiter has told me that he can maybe swing a ship date for late July. This is my plan, however my fiancee is not excited about it. I would like to go and get boot camp over with, and hopefull MCT as well. I know in the Air Force, they do not start any individual training classes within 2 weeks (+/-) of the christmas season.

Can someone please offer some advice (especially spouses & dependents) as to what the best option is?