View Full Version : More than 50000 American lost their lives in Korean War

06-11-09, 10:01 AM
More than 50000 American lost their lives in Korean War.And the
china communist party help the north Vietnam kill a lot of american soldier in Vietnam War.
why the American goverment give up support the China Kuomintang PARTY in 1949, why why ??? China KMT ,the ally with American in the second WAR,who save many ,many american and english soldiers life in the second war fight against Japan.
American,do yo very hate CCP??
The earth has no peace forever.War occur in anytime.Let us prepare to fight.
China Communist party ,the most evil and dreadful power in the world.They are liar and dictatorship.Never trust CCP. Why isn't CCP more open to reporters?
Why does CCP censor the internet? CCP has a lot
of spys on the west country, American goverment should monitor CCP
officals and their family whom lived in American, prevent they do any
illegal activity in America. I think West country must help KMT and Taiwan stronger. Don't let CCP unify and cheat KMT,or cheat anybody.
I come from Taiwan .I am the Kuomintang PARTY member .CCP was a illegal power,
I hope west country help KMT rejoin the United Nations, and other inthernational organizqtion.