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06-21-02, 10:05 PM
A Trooper died today, he was just a traffic cop though. It wasnt your mother that he saved by stopping that guy who was doing 80 in a 55. It wasnt your brother he saved when he stopped that guy for running the red light and it wasnt your child he saved when he saw that your child wasnt properly in a child restraint. He was just a traffic cop and he died today. We mourn, his family mourn's but do you mourn, he was just a traffic cop. He stood and listened as you told him how you was in a hurry and he should be out arresting real crimianals and not harrassing you. Yet in his time of need you drove on by and said, it aint none of my business cause he is just a traffic cop. The man who assaulted you and has a warrant for his arrest is most likely to be arrested by me, the traffic cop because your local police doesnt have the manpower or the resources to do it. But we are just traffic cops, dont mind us, because a trooper died today, just doing his job.
In honor of,
Tpr. Gross
Tpr. Perez
Tpr. Vasquez

06-22-02, 01:29 AM
Is this recent Brad or is this one from the past?

After all these years I still attempt to go to all local Funerals of Cops that have died in the line of duty. It doesn't matter if it's State, Local or County. It's kind of like "our" Brotherhood. You understand.

God Bless All The Men and Women who patrol our streets, hiways and byways each day. For those that put themselves in harmsway for us civilians. For those who stand behind that "tin" badge. May each step be a step of confidence and courage. And may each step take you closer to the end of your shift and to the family that waits for you at the end of each day. May each day bring you comfort of mind that you did your job the best you could and that you made it home safe one more time.

God Bless You Brad.
Love ya Bro.

Thank You

06-22-02, 10:38 AM

Good Post bro. Remember it only matters what you and the people who love you think. Some people say the same about Marines...he was just a cook, a reporter...not a real Marine. If they walked that parade deck then they are Real Marines...no matter what their job was afterwards. Same with a Police Officer...they are all Police Officers, regardless of what job they do.

Semper Fi,


06-22-02, 11:09 AM
I have great respect for Police Officers and State Troopers.
Marines fight wars, but Police Officers and State Troopers
are out there fighting wars everyday. May God Bless them
all, especially those that are close to my heart. My little
brother will be a CHiP soon.

06-22-02, 11:30 AM

There is no such thing as "Just" a cop. That would be like saying we are all "Just" Marines. It takes a special breed of person to put the lives of others above their own. You know this better than anyone because you have worked in both arenas. These special people provide a service to Americans that is often overlooked and not respected. Whether you are a Marine or law enforcement officer, you enforce laws to protect and save lives. Those who never walk in our boots will never know the tremendous responsibility that is carried on our shoulders. I am saddened by the loss of any life, but particularly when the life lost was that of someone who volunteered provide safety and security for others.


06-22-02, 02:46 PM
We curse out the police when we gat a ticket. Yet we praise them when they save a life, nab a crook etc! Just like us Marines, hated until needed. We all have a job to do, we are always remembered by our Brothers and Sisters. Let us not forget those who put their lives on the line for us, may it be Policemen or our Military. We are one and the same.
SEMPER FI!!!!!!!!


Roger and Ellie

06-27-02, 12:16 AM
Been in the MP field of the Marines for 4 1/2 years now. Now I know some feelings on MP's. Let me tell you about the 2 most dangerous jobs in the World. 1) U.S. Marine 2) Police Officer, try to be both wheather as a MP or Reserve Marine/full time Cop or Active Duty Marine/ Reserve Cop. Or even Retired Marine/ full time Cop.

Truely the best people I know are both are one of the above.

A Former SGT of Marines (mine) got out and became a Beaufort County Sheriff in Beaufort, SC. Loved it at first and then his enthusiasm dwindled. He did not know what his purpose was for being a County Sheriff. He wanted back in the Corps. While working as Accident Investigator for MCAS Beaufort one afternoon. I saw My fellow warrior and friend racing to a call with his lights blazing and siren screaming. 15 minutes later the Call came to us that 2 Beaufort county Sheriff's had been gunned down no more than a few feet from our housing area. In Shock and in fear I got in my patrol car and raced to the scene praying it wasn't my friend. Arrived on Scene Pistol drawn cause the suspect(s) had not been found. Soon I found out that is wasn't my former SGT/Friend. But it was 2 of his own. Both gunned Down by the very same people who had called them for their help. Walked in on a domestic disturbance call and both kiiled in the line of duty by an SKS rifle. One a Former Sailor. The suspect and his girlfriend were found and now on trial.

I talked to my friend a month after it happend to give him time to cool. He told me he now knows his purpose. He was the initial responder to that call, but his fellow officer/friend took the call cause he was so much closer. His friend died on a call he was to be on. He says his pupose is to do his part in stopping crime like that from happening again. He now also drives his friend who gave his life that day protecting us, patrol car in his honor.

I think I know my purpose a little better than before. Cause we might of lost 2 County sheriff's that day. But I lost 2 fellow Police Officers, just as if they were one of my fellow Marines. We are all a "Band of Brothers".

Dedicated to

Cpl A. J. Courson
Lcpl Dana Tate

Killed in the line of duty Jan 8, 2002

Hero's to us all protecting our freedom outside the Gates.