View Full Version : Milwaukee Man's Body Found in Kinnikinnick River

05-16-09, 07:30 AM
Milwaukee Man's Body Found in Kinnikinnick River

Posted: 6:06 AM May 15, 2009
Last Updated: 7:43 AM May 15, 2009
Reporter: WSAW Daybreak
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Family members of a 49-year-old Milwaukee man are mourning his death, after a dive team found the man's body in the river.

Relatives of Charles Little Bull called police around 11:00 Wednesday night, saying he grabbed a kick ball out of the house, climbed onto a bridge, and jumped in to show them his skills from the Marines.

Shortly thereafter, he disappeared.

Police say the man may have been intoxicated at the time.

Authorities searced the Kinnikinnick River for several hours Wednesday night into the early morning hours of Thursday.

Divers found Little Bull's body submerged in four feet of water, one-and-a-half miles downstream from where he jumped in.

Police are investigating the accident.