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05-12-09, 10:49 PM
A Marine, Sailor, Airman, and Soldier all approach the pearly gates at the same time, the airman walks up first and snaps to attention, requests permission to enter. the angel at the gate asks, " why should you be permitted to enter these gates?" the airman smartly replies "because i was an airman, i served in the military with no complaints!" the angel replied "Stand by over in the second line." the airman agreed and stood his place in the second line. the sailor walked up next and snapped to attention, requesting permission to enter. again the angel asked "why should you be permitted to enter these gates?" the sailor replied with " i visited numerous countries, provided releif to countries who were devestated by natural disasters and never complained." the angel shook his head and told the sailor to stand by behind the airman. the soldier walked up and snapped to attention, and requested permission to enter. again the angel asked, "why should you be permitted to enter my gates?" the soldier replied " because i served with distinction, helped many americans rebuild their lives after natural disasters struck america, and never complained once." the angel nodded and instructed the soldier to stand in line with the sailor and airman. finally the Marine in dress blues, with medals on straight, coroframs shined walked up to the angel snapped to attention, rendered a salute and stated, "Goodmorning Sir, LCpl Pepper reporting as ordered Sir!" the angel snapped to attention returned the salute and said " Goodmorning LCpl, stand at ease!", "Aye Sir!" replied the Marine, the angel then asks "Marine why should you be permitted to enter my gates?" the Marine replies with " because i have served in two wars, served my country and corps proudly, and *****ed every chance i got." the angel smirked and said "Good enough you may enter!" the Marine snapped back to attention, saluted and said " Aye,Aye sir. by the way your fly is down ****bag!" and walked in. upon hearing this the other three marched over and asked the angel " why would you let a nasty, dirty mouthed Marine walk right in and make us stand in line?" the angel replied with "Because out of all of the branches of the military Marines are the only ones who have the integrity to be honest to me." confused the three asked "What are you talking about? we were honest to you." the angel said "Really? you mean to tell me that not once while you were alive you didnt complain about anything?" embarrased the others stated " you are right, we did complain" the angel said " airman, you lived in comfortable dorms, had three hot meals a day, and lived in luxury. soldier you worked a 9 to 5 job and received the best equipment. sailor, you visited hundreds of ports, and were never shot at once in your life. the Marine fought two wars, was shot at everyday, had the worst equipment, and maybe ate 1 meal a day for seven months a deployment. yet he was still courageous enough to put his life in front of others to make sure they didnt have to come to these gates, would you do the same?"

Tim Self
05-26-09, 09:04 PM
That's why we will guard the gates of Heaven! Oorah

Goodnight Chesty Puller, whereever you are!