View Full Version : How to locate other marines?

05-11-09, 04:09 PM
Has anyone used other websites, books, etc to locate marines that you served with, free or fee-based.
if you did, did you have any success or failure?
Let me know which ones you have used.
PM me if you want to. thank you , semper fi:D

05-11-09, 05:18 PM
VENNIE....have you looked up your unit, that you served with?? Mine was 3/3....found a website called Third Marines.com...lots of men on there, that I served with. Let me know what you find!!....DOC

05-11-09, 06:58 PM
There is one that if you type it in here it shows up all asterics. Anyway it has been very useful to find people you have served with.

05-12-09, 04:42 PM
to gether we served (w/o spaces, filter blocked it) is one that I know of.

05-12-09, 04:45 PM
Have you looked into your local Marine Corps League? That is much better then online because you get to see them up close and personal. And the money and time you spend doing it goes for a good cause. Not saying BSing online with Marines isn't a good cause/thing. But the MCL is something more Marines should belong to, in my humble opinion.