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05-10-09, 08:31 AM
Marine's Mother's Day Gift
U.S. Marine: "It feels good man. It feels good. It feels good to be back in Sweet Home Alabama!"
Venton Blandin

May 9, 2009

Huntsville - This weekend is special for so many reasons. There are graduation ceremonies and Mother's Day events, but for one Tennessee Valley family-- neither of those could top the homecoming for their favorite Marine.

WHNT News 19 got to see the reunion of a Marine and his family.

It was the highlight of the weekend for a family from Cherokee, Alabama. WHNT News 19's involvement came into play after the Marine's sister contacted us. The sister's goal was to show everyone what the best Mother's Day gift for her mom would be and to welcome her hero home.

From the ramp of an airplane into the arms of his mother. A United States Marine fighting the war in Iraq returns home.

"It feels good man. It feels good. It feels good to be back in Sweet Home Alabama," said Marine Lance Corporal Drew Malone.

LCpl Malone spent several months on the front lines of the war. He's been in the Corps for a little more than a year.

LCpl Malone's older sister told WHNT News 19 she wasn't okay having the devildog so far away in the beginning, but it worked out in the end.

"It was hard at first. He let me have his TV while he was overseas for a while. I couldn't watch it, or go by it, or anything," said Ashley Tubbs.

While Ashley Tubbs warmed up to the fact that LCpl Malone was gone by way of his TV-- something of a higher power got her, and her mom through it the most.

"I prayed a lot. Philippians 4:13 is the way I got through it with my family, and my two daughters," said Mary Lou Thomas.

It was the Marine's family and friends who prayed for him during his time away, and are now there by his side to welcome him home.

"I've been flying for two days now."09:22:27

The Marine's jet lag almost hides his excitement.

"It was hot. It was stuffed. It was pretty packed, but it was all right," added LCpl Malone.

LCpl Malone's mom thinks it's more than all right.

Mary Lou Thomas just got the best Mother's Day gift she could have ever imagined.

"I'm going to have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow with all three of my kids together," added Thomas.

The Marine's arrival did prove to be his mother's perfect Mother's Day gift. The marine's return was also a gift to someone else-- the Marine himself. May 10 is also his birthday.

LCpl Drew Malone is expected to be home for two weeks.