View Full Version : 3rd Marine detained, accused of parachute sabotage

07-11-03, 07:47 AM
Article ran : 07/11/2003 <br />
3rd Marine detained, accused of parachute sabotage <br />
A third Camp Lejeune Marine was taken into custody this week in connection with...

07-12-03, 07:06 PM
If found guilty they ought to throw these bastards out of a helo without a chute rope and let them flap thier ****ing arms to see how they can fly!!!!!

benny rutledge
07-14-03, 04:33 PM
I packed chutes while on active duty.There are TWO packing cards initialled and dated by the Rigger (inside and Outside)Also the NCOIC of the shop has to check out the container before it is closed and locking pins installed.Where was the QC Inspecter while these Bozo's were mucking around with other MARINES lives?Is the shop NCOIC or OIC in some way responsible for these two(three) Idiots?What the F---? Over.:marine:

07-14-03, 05:56 PM
They should rig lines to thier eyelids then push em out!

07-14-03, 05:58 PM
Isn't there some tradition where if you have to use the reserve chute, you owe that packer a bottle of scotch? Maybe these idiots were trying to collect.

Plain stupidity is not new. In El Toro, we had a small band trying to sell titanium turbine blades to a scrap metal dealer. They got 5 years hard labor.

QC does seem like a vital step in the process!

07-14-03, 07:09 PM
Yellowwing, you are correct; there is such a tradition, but you have it a little skewed, actually the tradition is/was..if when you hit the silk, if you need to go to your T-4 reserve, you brought the "D ring" back to your rigger and he owed you a 5th of your choice. 1st ANGLICO 64-65

07-15-03, 06:46 PM
Dan Mills, Thats the way I heard it too, if you have to use the reserve because the maine goes down the rigger owes you a fifth of your choice.