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05-01-09, 08:08 PM
i signed an open contract in march with the marines. the guy there told me to go back to my recruiters office and look for jobs i qualify for. i picked INFANTRY OPTION and my recruiter sent a request and told me it came back cleared and i got the job and his boss told me to. i never saw verification that i got the job. isn't there some type of document their supposed to show you after?

05-02-09, 02:25 AM
It will be on your final contract when you ship out. That is the official and binding enlistment contract.

05-02-09, 03:14 AM
And it is Marines, not marines.

05-02-09, 07:49 AM
Yes there is documentation. The request is a Program request sent to the Operations Chief who assigns the program in MCRISS. You should fill out your Statement of Understanding(SOU). This will be placed in your Service Record Book. And like stated above, it will be on your shipping contract.

05-02-09, 04:42 PM
Your contract.