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Truman Wrote of '48 Offer to Eisenhower

ASHINGTON, July 10 A newly discovered diary kept by President Harry S. Truman in 1947 tells of a private conversation in which he urged Dwight D. Eisenhower to seek the Democratic presidential nomination the next year, with Truman as his vice-presidential running mate, the National Archives announced today.

Although there was speculation of such a plan at the time, Truman always denied it. The diary, however, shows that he was concerned that Gen. Douglas MacArthur, then the military governor of Japan, might win the Republican nomination. So he had the idea of countering with another popular World War II hero, Eisenhower.

"Ike and I think MacArthur expects to make a Roman triumphal return to the U.S. a short time before the Republican convention meets in Philadelphia," says the relevant entry, dated July 21, 1947. "I told Ike that if he did that," then Eisenhower should "announce for the nomination for president on the Democratic ticket and that I'd be glad to be in second place, or vice president."

In the end, MacArthur's Republican supporters failed to win the nomination for him, Truman won the Democratic nomination and defeated Thomas E. Dewey in the general election, and four years later Eisenhower became Truman's successor, as a Republican.

Though Jews generally regarded Truman as a friend for his support for the creation of Israel, one diary entry, dated July 28, reflects some anti-Semitism.

After a 10-minute conversation on postwar immigration to Palestine with Henry Morgenthau Jr., who was Treasury secretary under Franklin D. Roosevelt and then briefly under Truman before becoming chairman of the United Jewish Appeal in 1947, the president wrote, "The Jews have no sense of proportion, nor do they have any judgment on world affairs."

"The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish," he continued. "They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated" as displaced persons, "as long as the Jews get special treatment."

The unassuming blue-covered diary was a gift to Truman from the president of the Real Estate Board of New York, and bears the label "1947 Diary and Manual of the Real Estate Board of New York." The 42 passages handwritten by Truman were buried behind 160 pages of advertisements and member listings. The diary sat on the shelves of the Truman Library in Independence, Mo., for 38 years, until a librarian discovered Truman's writing in the back of it earlier this year.



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Racking up hot coals [the life of H-A-T]...even when FDR died and lil olde Harry was shilting a brick as he became President...even Harry admitted, he really NEVER expected to be a President ...after Atomic Harry and WW2 ended...his foreign policy never included nothing but the defense of Western Europe..in 1948 he did his dawl-dangest to dismember the United States Marine Corps forever...he had the Democrat Congress on his side...along with his back stabbing JCS [USMC not a member at the time] with Gen Omar [the tent-maker, Bradley] almost succeed...whoa, Sen Paul Douglas,from Illinois, [a Marine Reserve Captain] saved the US Marine Corps as he fought this group of Army lovers to a standstill, thus preserving the Corps...at the outset of the Korean War [Truman's watch]..Harry denegrated the publicity of the 1st Marine Division's epic amphibious assault and swift victory at Inchon/Seoul, Harry bellowed 5X5...about the USMC had a better PR Dept than our Russian enemy and the USMC FMF was weilding its bloody clubs as the US Navy's policeman...it's on the record...check it out...Harry-ASS-Truman was NEVER a friend to the United States Marine Corps...he was a p**s-poor President after he dropped the 2 big ones on the Japs in Aug 1945...after that, his lack of a foreign policy in the Far East stunk up the place..thx to him and his Commie Sec of State, Dean Acheson, made it possible for Red China to oust Nationalist China from the mainland and the scourge of Communism was now running amok in the Far East..with his withdrawl of the 1st Mar Div FMF in Northern China in 1948 signaled Chiang's days were numbered...in 1950 Red China gave North Korea the green lite to savagely invade So Korea that fateful summer...as Truman's line of defense then was as far as Japan's coastline on the Sea of Japan...no, HST was a Far East dunce and allowed the Korean War to happen and that rat-bastard refused to end HIS war in Korea..Pres Ike did it in 6 months post haste...I hope Harry-ASS-Truman roasts in Hell everyday..."Give ;em Hell Harry"...he sure did give us Hell...every day/nite for 3 bloody years of murder/mayhem in Korea...the a$$hole couldn't end the war!!!!!...Semper Fi, Mac!!:marine: