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04-17-09, 10:51 PM
Good Evening Marines, <br />
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Today the GySgt in charge of the recruiting office I belong to offered to send me to boot camp this Monday as opposed to June 1st, my original ship date. I can make the...

04-17-09, 11:01 PM
If you have enough heart you will make it, Get Some.

04-18-09, 09:29 AM
You will do fine. Take advantage of this opportunity. I also run a RSS and I have plenty of guys that want to move up their ship date.

SSgt Ramsey
04-18-09, 09:57 AM
"Making it" in bootcamp is NOT all about physical conditioning which from several chat's I've had with poolies and potential recruits don't seem to understand.

I don't care if you can go in being a 300 PFT'r, that's really not that relevant.

I've seen big, corn-fed, burly midWest recruits break down and cry fro their "mommies" and **** all over themselves on-line during boot-camp in 93'.

Yeah, you need to be physically fit to be a Marine, without a doubt, but you will NOT survive bootcamp if you can't handle the stress or follow simple instructions without hesitation.

There seems to be a lot of the "I" mentality out there now amongst prospective Marine's....being a Marine is about being a part of a elite GROUP of Marine's coming together to do a job. As a individual, you will fail, and fail miserabley....hopefully not getting anybody hurt/killed along the way if you DO make it and hit the fleet.

04-18-09, 04:27 PM
When you get to boot camp and have to do your inital pft, make dam sure your situp partner is fatter than you, and can both vouch each others crunches(wink)............by the end of boot camp youll be doing 100 crunches or close to it.

04-19-09, 11:31 AM
THANK YOU MARINES. Definitely feel reassured. Especially SSgt Ramsey, that is one thing I feel like I will be able to do. It's the physical aspect that worries me. Luckily I didn't go, which gives me time to get more PT in. I just don't want to be that guy that gets sent home from boot camp - NOT a Marine.

05-11-09, 04:46 PM
Do It, Go Early! I Hope That I Get The Same Choice- I Wouldn't Have Even Of Hesitated!

Waiting Around, Waiting For Boot is the Worst- Just More Time To Become A Lazy Ass.

Get In There And Get It Done! :evilgrin:

Rocky C
05-11-09, 06:56 PM
Just do it, Nike!!!

05-12-09, 08:44 AM
Only input I have is that you better be mentally prepared for a the personal assault that is to come. Yes you can make it for sure but if you go in hanging out at the minimum physical requirements you will get extra attention from your DI's. You will be called everything in the book. You will be a fat-body and more likely to get IT'ed. Or at leats that was my experience in Kilo Co. My final PFT was a 276 and I never got hasseled by my DI's but all our fat-bodies got hasseled all the time, the entire cycle. So just be prepared to be one of your 4th hats "special childen".

05-12-09, 08:47 AM
I just noticed your height and weight. Your gona be a doublerat most likely and your crunches and pullups especially will improve a lot at boot.

06-06-09, 10:55 AM
i wish i had the choice of going early. i was one of the 4th hats "best friend" because wen i went i was doing 2 pullups now because of him i left doing 10 pullups and 100 crunches lol, but my run still sucks. dont worry about being so physically fit the DI's will get you there only if you can handle their mind games. OO Rah.

06-06-09, 11:05 AM
he's already gone private... did you read the post about his original ship date?