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04-17-09, 10:34 AM
I will only post units I am affiliated with or know to be on the up and up!

HEROES IN ACTION (https://boxadmin85726.box.net/shared/static/e31l69y5au.doc) NEWS LETTER (https://boxadmin85726.box.net/shared/static/e31l69y5au.doc)

HEROES IN ACTION WEBSITE (http://www.heroesinaction.org/)

HEROES IN ACTION is a military mission based out of Calvary. It is a non-denominational program. No matter the race or nationality, if they are American military - we are committed to supporting them.

The marines, soldiers, airmen, sailors, and coast guard have a mission - to PROTECT our country, our families, and our children. Freedom is not free. We also have a mission - to SUPPORT, communicate, send care packages overseas, and to encourage the families here at home.

We want every man and woman serving our country to know they are not forgotten, that they are loved, and that there are people who care.

The first care packages were shipped in December 2004 and have been shipped every month since then. As of June 2008, we have shipped over 3,000 boxes overseas as well as several in state to the wounded or those on special days who are without family.When someone is added to our list, whether in or out of the states, they are supported monthly by letters and when overseas, they are sent a care package each month. Our outreach at present is approximately 450 men and women and then any special needs that may arise.

Heroes in Action also is a support for the families with personal needs, house and auto repairs, food baskets, newborn baskets, blankets for the wounded and whatever else we are able to do.

Heroes In Action is totally supported by monetary/cash and snack donations. All donations are tax deductible [501c3]. Checks may be written out to Heroes in Action and mailed to 5025 Glendale Avenue, Toledo, OH 43614.