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04-16-09, 08:35 PM
In Bruges

Caught this film most randomly on HBO recently. It's about two Irish hitmen, one which is played by Colin Ferrel, sent do the Belgian town of Bruges to hang out for a while...

And it's totally random, and violent, and full of curse words and funny in a completely jacked up sort of way.

I'd recommend it highly to someone who wants funny dialogue, over-the-top violence, and a clinic on how to curse with a cockneyed accent.

Anyone else have any movies they've randomly seen on a whim that were actually good?

04-17-09, 07:06 PM
Just a heads up seeing that you have a little one on the way, watch every movie you can now. I haven't been to a movie theater in over two years, a movie night for us is putting in a disney DVD. By the time little man goes down, nineish, all I want to do is turn off everything that makes noise. :flag:

04-17-09, 11:03 PM
Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner),

random on demand free movie never heard of it. Inuit with English subtitles about hunting clans in Greenland but its not a documentary. Clear underlying messages: Strength in numbers but the land (ice) will only support a modest sized clan so every member is very important to the units success. If a hunter is lost chances for clan survival are greatly diminished and if you aren't good hunters you and your crew are nothing but beggers or dead. High endurance humans on a 90 plus percent animal product diet, potatoes and grains don't grow up there. As tough and hardy as these people are their lives are still a soap opera.

I'd say it's modern era but there was nothing to indicate that or contact with "civilized" folks like a zipper or slim jim except their Ulu knives were made of steel


another on demand free movie never heard of but that don't mean nothing, i'm not up on films. Two guys lost in the desert starting from a casual roadside hike somewhere in the SW. All sorts of handrails and sign but they weren't reading them. They were intelligent enough, but not out there.

Long marches through remote agoraphobic terrain with very little human dialogoue, extreme exposure, no water.