View Full Version : Never judge a book by it's cover...

04-16-09, 05:17 PM
...you may be pleasantly surprised!


04-16-09, 07:52 PM
Impressive. Good for her. It's nice to see an average person succeed.

04-17-09, 12:50 AM
I think that it takes living life for a while to "nail" a song like this. She nailed it!!!!!

04-17-09, 10:16 AM
The sad thing is this is something that happens all over the world, not just in the music industry. People are to quick to pass judgement onto others based of there looks, disabilitys, etc. Its nice to see this lady get her chance, and it humors me that she made all those people who thought she couldn't do it, look like a bunch of idiots.:marine:

04-17-09, 06:06 PM
Where were you guys for my "Here's a smile for everyone" thread?

Isn't she AWESOME though? I loved the look on Simon's face when she belted out the first line and then again about 1/2 way through it - he just had the look on his face and in his eyes and that big smile....................almost like he had an orgasm or something. LOL!