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07-07-03, 11:13 PM
When I ended my time in the Corp my unit had some pending ribbons and medals. What advice could I get from some fellow Marines on how to find out info on them.(Cpl Estes 92-96 a 1371 in Somalia,Haiti,and Gitmo)

07-08-03, 12:40 AM
E-Mail to the 1st Sgt of your unit. Be specific with dates of service, deployments, etc. He SHOULD be able to confirm your eligebility.

THEN, you get to file with the VA, Dept of records, US NAVY records keeping, in tripplicate with your first born MALE child and left gonad.... :banana:

I contacted the Top at 3/6 about Navy MUC we earned in GITMO '79. He confirmed that I rated the ribbon. The rest is up to the paper work. There are some forms listed in here somewhere.... look thru the threads in 'VA' forum. SR 180 and 149 come to mind. It can be done on-line now also. The link is listed in there too.

Welcome aboard, and happy hunting :marine:



07-08-03, 06:21 AM
Check the MARADMINS and ALMARS at the usmc.mil site. You can search the archives to see if messages were issued approving awards and citations. You will still need to prove you we with the unit at the time of the award. Sometimes FAPs and augmentees get hosed because there was no paperwork showing they were joined to the unit. Good luck.