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04-08-09, 08:33 AM
New service, Fed Job Site, Provides Guidance for Applying for Federal Jobs

Fed Job Site offers counseling for translating civilian resumes to federal resumes and the process of applying for federal jobs. The services include a web based seminar, Applying for a Federal Job, on the basics of the application process plus multiple levels of customized individual support depending upon the applicant's needs. See FedJobSite.com for details.

Leawood, Kansas (PRWEB) April 8, 2009 -- Fed Job Site (http://FedJobSite.com), a new service of Canant Consulting Company, provides counseling for applying for a federal job.

Applying for a Federal Job, a web based seminar, focuses on the difference in applying for a federal job for people from the civilian workplace. The seminar points out how to find and interpret federal job postings, convert a civilian resume to a federal resume, respond to KSA, ECQ and application questions, and how to submit an application package. The goals are to teach potential federal employees how to avoid mistakes that will cause a premature rejection and how to gain an advantage when every job has become more competitive due to the larger number of people looking for work.

Fed Job Site provides several service packages for federal job applicants. The levels of support are:

1.The Full Service designed for someone who wants help through the entire process from instructions on how to find openings, covert a civilian resume to a federal resume and apply for the first federal job.

2.The Express Service designed for someone who has located a posting and has already converted the civilian resume to a federal resume. The service reviews the resume, KSAs, and application questions to ensure the application package matches the job posting.

3.The Cover Letter Service structures a cover letter to accompany the submission and stress the key qualifications of the applicant.

4.The Existing Customer Service gives a review of an existing customer's application package to make sure the application questions and requirements are addressed.

The service packages are backed by a money back guarantee that the applicant will be satisfied with the service. Of course, we cannot guarantee that anyone will land a federal government job.

A veteran's discount of 20% applies to the service packages and to the web based seminar.

Gary Canant, founder of Canant Consulting Company, adds, "In applying for federal jobs, I missed out on opportunities because I did not submit application packages that described how my qualifications fit the postings. As I learned the process, I discovered that I could help others in their search for government employment. We have given the basic training using the Applying for a Federal Job seminar to several hundred people in the Kansas City area and found that the ability to help others navigate the process to be very gratifying."

About Fed Job Site. Fed Job Site is a service of Canant Consulting Company. The company was founded by Gary Canant, MBA. Mr. Canant is a Vietnam Combat Veteran (3rd Battalion, 4th Marines 1968-1969); he still wears his Marine Corps Dress Blues as a volunteer bugler. He has extensive experience in American corporate business management and ran a successful software company for six years.

Mr. Canant earned his AB degree with a major in English and minor in Math from Jacksonville State University in Alabama and an Executive MBA from the University of Hartford.

Canant Consulting Company is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOSB)


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