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SSgt Ramsey
04-01-09, 11:25 AM
I have some questions for those of you who are much more spun up on the whole ASVAB/AFQT thing than I was. I was a Career Planner for a long time, but I was never a Recruiter nor a Administrator by MOS perse, so this always kinda confuzzled me.

I've tried to look online, but the information is fragmented and contradictory at best, confusing as the Army at worst.

I've had buddies on the CarPlan force that were former Recruiters and they could never really answer my questions.

1) Is there a direct correlation between a GT/AFQT Composite Score and the AFQT to IQ or are they non-comparable??

A lot of the posts I see from the Poolee's they are listing the AFQT score that they received...this confuses me as a Career Planner, I never really cared/worried about the AFQT..I was more concerned with the overall GT score or the individual scores within (ex. MM, EL etc.) in using the MOS manual.

I finally logged into my MOL account for the first time since leaving Active Duty as I couldn't remember my individual scores...not that it matters, but I'd for once like to know what the scores mean and where I fell into the mix....I realize I'm not the smartest bear in the woods but I am definitely not clueless lol...

My scores:
GT - 128
AFQT - 88
MM - 128
CL - 118
EL - 124

Thanks in advance...

04-01-09, 12:15 PM
SSGT I actually just retook my ASVAB yesterday to get into the Guard (to old to get back into the Corps). Anyway the way my recruiter put it was the AFQT score was the overall score of all the tests administered, mine had 10 total. The other line scores GT, MM, etc determine what MOS's you are eligible for. Myself I am going to OCS so the only two scores I had to worry about was my AFQT, which currently has a minimum score of 50 to get into the military (not sure if it is the same for all branches), and my GT score.
The part I don't understand is the differences in branches VS tests results. For example my GT score for the Army is 130 that same score from the same test for the Corps is 135, and for the Navy 128, there is no GT line utilized on the Air Force scores.

04-01-09, 12:23 PM
Oh I forgot to mention how the line scores come about, the GT score is a combination of your AR+VE scores (Arithmetic Reasoning, the VE is a combination of your WK, Word Knowledge, and your PC Paragraph Comprehesion). Once you have those scores you have to compare them against a conversion chart to receive the proper score.
On the AR test I got 25 out of 30 correct, I compare that to the conversion chart and it gives me a score of 60.

Basically without the chart there is no possible way in the world to figure this stuff out, I bought a book titled ASVAB Core Review by Learning Center for about $15 and it has a conversion chart in it.