View Full Version : Marines build wall at New Mexico-Mexico border

07-04-03, 06:12 AM
July 03, 2003 <br />
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Marines build wall at New Mexico-Mexico border <br />
<br />
Associated Press <br />
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SUNLAND PARK, N.M. ó A section of chain-link fence along the U.S.-Mexican border in an area known for illegal...

07-04-03, 07:11 AM
Sorry folks.

I'm not concerned about being politically correct when results are what counts.

Instead of erecting expensive panels, I would paint a solid red line. Dogs, cats, rabbits, goats, cows, men, women, children, chickens, horses or sheep on the wrong side of the red line is fair game.

I would feel sorry at the bar-b-que of the animals who could not read. I might even toast them with a beer.

For those who could read and chose to play the game, "Sorry, but you lost."

Cruel and unusual punishment? As the death sentence is being pronounced, have the prisoner receive a dose of laughing gas. As soon as it takes effect, a single bullet between the eyes will carry out the judgement of the court.

Unusual? Not if it's done EVERY time.

Cruel? I've never met anyone who could guarantee a more humane death, with or without the laughter. Cruelty is lingering, cruelty is suffering, cruelty is pain, cruelty is false expectations. Cruelty ceases at the moment the trigger is pulled.

For those hypocritical politicians in the western states who claim they want to enforce speed limits, I have a solution.

Every vehicle engine will have an attachment. If the speed exceeds X MPH, acid will be released and the engine will require replacement before the vehicle is operative again.

By not being "politically correct" I have found that usually there is a simple solution to most problems.

There was a time that in order to be "politically correct" you had to agree that the world was flat.

Seems to me that "correct" never changes, but "politically" depends on the direction of the wind.

07-04-03, 07:20 AM
I will have to agree with you, firstsgtmike! Look at how they treat Americans in their jails, for the lease lttle crime! How about the money and jobs taken from Americans?! They steal from us, take it across the border, and thats that!

On top of anything else, they know comming across is illegal!!
Fair game!!!