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07-03-03, 05:45 PM
Fellow brothers and sisters, today is my first change of command as a marine. i am looking forward to the ceremony. although i am unable to perform in it due to a shoulder injury, i know my fellow marines will make me feel great to be a part of HMH-362. my question to you all is how many change of commands have you been through? any good stories? even though i have only been in my sqaudron for 3 months, i have fond memories of the officers that were here and am looking forward to meeting the new ones.

07-03-03, 06:41 PM
Hey ugly angle362, do you have a Capt. or Maj. Simon from New Jersey there? He's a chopper pilot. I think 53's. Lost touch and his e-mail. Figured it can't hurt to ask. I'm not sure if he's still even in or what outfit he is with.

07-03-03, 09:47 PM
Don't worry, you'll have your chance again, and again and again, and again..... I've been in more change in commands then I can count. Probably the funniest time I saw was when we were marching past the big wigs, when we were ordered to present arms, and our platoon commander got his sword hook under his barracks cover and held it high, then brought it forward. He didn't stop to pick it up. and we just continued to pass in review. I imagine the cover was managled because it was a change of command for the 2nd Mar Div. and we were up close to the start of the parade.

Semper Fi.

07-03-03, 09:53 PM
Dear Ugly,

Watch out for those Navel Aviators! Change of command---same old thing!

Yea, I said Navel. LOL

07-03-03, 10:15 PM
Best thing about Change of Commnd: Seeing lousy commander go :banana:

Worst thing about Change of Command: Seeing the best commander go, but realizing that more Marines will benifit from this leader :cool:

The uncertain - Will the next CO be worst than the last? :qmark:
And yes, there is always someone worse than the last

And yes, seen one... you seen them all....

In 21 years I have never seen a change of command from the bleachers.... always participated in the event. Always fun.

Semper Fi,