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08-07-02, 02:55 PM
This legend 'Tell it to the Marines' goes back to the London of 1664,when Charles 2nd was king of England.A ships Master returned from a long cruise,told the King a sea story he could'nt believe."Fish that could fly like birds?" the Merry Monarch exclaimed,"I have my doubts!"Nay sire it is true" said Sir William Killgren,Colonel of the new British Marine Regiment raised that year."I have myself seen flying fish many a time in the Southern Waters.I vouch for the truth of this strange tale,Your Majesty" the King thought it over.At last he turned to Samuel Pepys the secretary of the Admiralty."Mr Pepys" he said,"no class of our subjects hath such knowledge of odd thing on land or sea as our Marines. Hereafter when we hear a yarn that lacketh likelihood,
we tell it to the Marines,if they believe it then we shall know it is true.
The phrase is used by both Marine Corps. And if you dont believe it go tell a Marine.Semper fidelis and Per Mare Per Terram.Aye

08-07-02, 03:07 PM
I always wondered about that. Thanks for the info
3 Badge.

Semper Fi :)