View Full Version : First Madden 2010 Screen Shot

03-23-09, 02:24 PM
The first screenshot for Madden NFL 10 has been revealed on Peter Moore’s blog (http://itsinthegame.ea.com/archive/2009/03/23/fight-for-every-yard.aspx) today, which you can see directly above. There are supposedly as many as six additions to the game that are showcased in the screenshot, which the Madden dev team will be discussing more in depth later this week.

Things that I’ve been able to notice immediately are hand towels, referees, chain gang and yard makers, and better player models (body types between Big Ben and the OL are much more easily recognized).

Any other differences that you can spot? Make sure to leave them in the comments.


03-23-09, 02:46 PM
Badass. I used to be an NFL 2K guy before Madden monopolized the NFL gaming market for $300 million but it has grown on me. Now, only if my Bucs looked as good as this game.

03-24-09, 03:49 AM
Well the Bucs definitely need to start winning because Im sick of getting laughed at by my gunny who's a Dolphins fan!!! Who would've thought, 1-15 last year and now they made the playoffs...