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03-23-09, 06:26 AM
Military Pay and Jobs Not Affected By Economy
Written by Jim Mendoza - jmendoza@kgmb9.com
March 22, 2009 05:09 PM

As a marine, Sergeant Christopher Conaway has his hands full. But in today's weakened economy, the corps holds the cards to his financial future.

"My goal is to stay in the Corps as long as possible," Sgt. Conaway said.

Re-signing marines who've completed their first four years has already reached the goal set for 2009; and it's only March.

Majority of what I hear is, 'Hey, I have no job to go back to," Staff Sgt. Matthew Nate said.

Staff Sgt. Nale, and other retention specialists can offer bonuses up to $83,000 for marines with years under their belts and fields of expertise. The average bonus is $30,000.

"We'll offer incentives like points toward promotion," Staff Sgt. Nale said. "Promotion means more money a month."

There's free medical and dental coverage. Battle deployment is risky but the pay is 100 percent tax free. Throw in a steady paycheck and no layoffs.

"My MOS by trade I'm and O3-11 infantry," Sgt. Conaway said. "And after my re-enlistments I decided to take a break from my deployments."

Conaway's deployed twice: once to Afghanistan, once to Iraq. Now, he has a desk job and a wife who's also in the military.

"She's proud of the fact that she's married to a Marine,"
Sgt. Conaway said.

The marines want a force of 202,000 by 2011. Recruiting is up, so is retention of reserves. Records aren't kept on how the recession influences re-enlistments. But with those numbers rising and job security on the outside falling, a career in the corps looks pretty good.