View Full Version : SON of deceased Marine looking for info

03-17-09, 08:18 PM
My husband (now deceased) was in the Marines, stationed at Chu Lai sometime in 1965-66. He was killed in an accident prior to the birth of our second son in 1969. His son is now seeking some...

SSgt Ramsey
03-19-09, 09:10 AM
Have you tried the following:

Contact the VVA (Vietnam Veteran's of America) to see if they have anything on him, and get a copy of his records from the National Record Archive in Saint Louis, MO via the SF-180 Form's...find out what unit he was attached with in Vietnam and look for that unit online.

Many Units have webpages and also a networking section for former Marine's to get up with each other.

It may lead you in the right direction, and it may be fruitless, but at least you've tried to the best of your ability for answers.

Hope this helps you out in some small way perhaps.

Semper Fidelis