View Full Version : Chad van Rys Sings His Patriotism on the "Born Again American" Campaign

03-16-09, 06:03 AM
Chad van Rys Sings His Patriotism on the "Born Again American" Campaign

By Paula Pinto

Over the past month the Born Again American website has received 4.5 million visitors. The campaign website, located at www.bornagainamerican.org includes a patriotic song and an interactive website which encourages Americans across the nation to participate in this worthy cause.

American citizens who are part of the campaign have pledged to be "their country's keeper" by involvement in higher site which encourages Americans to reaffirm their belief in American values that stem all the way back to the Declaration of Independence, has been a beacon of hope for American who support true Christian values and are eager to see them exasperate throughout levels of service and civic engagement. The site provides them with detailed volunteering opportunities, registration to vote, and the opportunity to share their thoughts with public officials, listen to and write their own lyrics to songs supporting America and renewing its promises. In just days following the sites launch Americans from the left, right, and center have come forward and declared themselves Born Again.

The "Born Again American" song features mainstream Americans performing in front of various United States landmarks such as The Statue of Liberty in New York City , the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco , California , and elsewhere.

One musician who has gained positive recognition for his involvement in the campaign is Chad van Rys. Mr.Rys grew up on an Almond farm in California , and around his duties on the farm, he recalls playing a trambone in school. Surely musically inclined, Rys began playing the guitar when he was in high school which drew attention from friends and later from his fellow Marines while in the service.

After his family had sold the Almond Farm, Rys was not sure what he would do next. With more time on his hands, he began to plan for his future and joined the Marines. It was there that Rys found himself, once again, capturing the attention of others, this time his fellow marines, as he played his guitar for them.

After concluding his military service, it came as no surprise that this devout believer and patriotic fellow would find a way to incorporate his beliefs before many through music. He began writing lyrics for songs to accompany his music, and knew that in time God would provide the outlet in which he would play, thus leading him to "Born Again American,"

Rys describes his involvement in the campaign to be 'surreal' and hopes to light a fire, and get people to understand that there are no boundaries.” We are all Americans," Rys said during a prior interview with a Christian News Today reporter.

Undoubtedly, it seems that the "light" which Rys had hoped to ignite, along with other patriotic members, has brightened the way for 160,000 people who have signed and pledged to reconfirm their active citizenship.

"The overwhelmingly positive response to this campaign from Americans of all different political and religious affiliations has been incredible. It’s a true testament to the fact that the values we share as Americans are greater than the differences between us as individuals. We have one million people who feel the spirit to be Born Again Americans and we hope that millions more will be moved to join this movement as it grows," said Norman Lear, producer, philanthropist, and founder of Declare Yourself, the organization behind Born Again American said,

For more information about the campaign visit www.bornagainamerican.org and watch it with fellow American who love their country.