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03-15-09, 03:18 PM
:idea:I have been searching for a name for this new addition to our family. I would like to have a Marine Related name. It could be a name of a marine that has inspired you, in memory of, proud of, or a Marine you look up to.

A little history and info that may help you chose a name. I am a proud mom of 2 Marine Sons (Lcpl and Sgt) and wife of a Retired Air Force Husband (Colonel).

:flag:Marines are awesome. Yes, they are the proud, the few. They are also kind hearted and loyal, help others and would take in a stray.

This male dog is a stray. He showed up here a couple of days ago. We live in the country so I expected for him to go home. He is either lost or dumped and in need of food and a home. He has been trained (sit, stay, and walks well on a leash) (disciplined) :marine:

He seems to be an Australian Shepherd mix. He is black and white, with a little tan. Some areas are black and white spotted.

We currently have an Aussie Mix that was given to us by one of our sons for Christmas. His name is Hershey and was a pound rescue.

We have been talking about getting Hershey a play mate. The dog needed to be energetic, and likes to play.

They already get along with each other (surprising, both are males). Both run at lightening speed for hours. They play....

I do believe God sent this dog to us. Everything is in God's time not ours.
I have already talked to much. Sorry.

Please send your ideas. If the name is related to a person, I would like to hear your story.
Semper Fi

03-15-09, 04:38 PM
Twomarinemom,is the newbee younger or older than the dog you already had ?
Please fill out your profile.

Rocky C
03-15-09, 04:59 PM
Chesty (OF COURSE)!!!

03-15-09, 06:08 PM

03-15-09, 06:09 PM
rhodeisland you took the words from my fingertips...
so...i suggest "Fi"

03-15-09, 07:40 PM
Chesty is cliche lol, What about Dan Daly?