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03-12-09, 09:49 PM
Received a call this evening from the wife of a guy I went through boot camp with. She said they had to put him back in the hospital and he's not doing very well. She said he has infection throughout his body and he hurts all over. He has already had one leg amputated and now he has quite a bit of swelling in the knee of the other leg. Bill has a serious case of diabetes.

They are trying to fill out VA claim paperwork and need more information. She says Bill told her he was with India 3/5 on the USS Interprise in 1963 when they went to the Gulf of Tonkin. She asked me to find out if I can find anyone else that may have been there, that could tell her more about what went on. Bill is not a reliable source of information right now. He "drifts in and out" (her words).

Any and all help appreciated, no matter how small it might be. jerryd6818@yahoo.com