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03-12-09, 08:39 PM
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So after i graduated from boot camp and went on my...

03-12-09, 09:13 PM
I've seen people impersonating Marine enlisted personnel, usually high schoolers or people against any war going on, and some people trying to support the military. I don't know what to make of it. I know that it annoys me to see it no matter what the case, because A) They didn't earn that uniform, and B) They are using the uniform in a way its not supposed to be used.
What would I do in a situation like that?

03-12-09, 09:30 PM
Are you sure the are not MCROTC? because they get all our new uniforms and look just like us. instead of cross rifles they have giny lamps

03-12-09, 09:54 PM
Even if he was, it doesn't explain why he was wearing oak leafs and in cammies. He may have been prior service (explains the tattoo and dog tags) and figured he'd act cool and dress up to get attention.

What a loser.

03-12-09, 10:07 PM
He could have pulled that off if he was wearing chevrons, but brass? There's hardly any Marine officers in central Florida. Even though I have seen a Major walk into a Home Depot in Alpha's back in 07'.

I hate how people impersonate the Marines, even more if it's intended to disrespect us. I have heard the term "The ultimate flattery is impersonation", but I don't think that applies to our Corps, we've (Mostly you all) have earned far too much for some random retard to just put on our uniform and claim to be one of us.

03-13-09, 05:52 PM
:mad: I love these stories, makes ya want to choke 'em all.

03-13-09, 06:20 PM
The only thing Major about that guy was his issues. Probably helped him pick up some putang because he was a total nerd otherwise. The Sgt. definitely set a good example for the others to follow!

10-30-09, 09:56 AM
What does a 'recon badge' look like? Do you mean the gold jump wings?

10-30-09, 12:55 PM
He could have pulled that off if he was wearing chevrons, but brass?

utilities are NEVER worn in a mall! that is the quickest way to spot a USMC poser. or a fvcked up boot on 10 day leave