View Full Version : Yuma looks to break world wall of flame record

03-11-09, 08:28 AM
Yuma looks to break world wall of flame record
The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Mar 10, 2009 17:07:55 EDT

YUMA, Ariz. — Marine Corps Air Station Yuma is attempting to break a fiery world record.

The air station will try to break a Guinness World Record with a nearly 2-mile “wall of flame” at its 47th annual air show on Saturday.

The air station says the wall will be made up of dynamite, electric blasting caps and 20,000 feet of detonation cord. A bomb squad will coordinate the blast along the station’s flight line.

If it goes as planned, the wall of flame will beat the current record, set in 2007 at the Indianapolis Air Show. That wall was about 6,600 feet long; Yuma’s will be about 3,000 more feet than that.

Guinness guidelines for the wall say it must be continuous with gaps for at least five seconds. Flames must reach 130 feet.