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03-10-09, 04:05 AM

Anybody ever heard of these??

03-10-09, 06:42 AM

Anybody ever heard of these??

I'm having a hard time figuring out exactly what this is. I know what it does, or what it said it does. The example used of the guy without the gadget, but "broken wrist" when he shoots only works as a good example for novices; nobody should ever allow a pistol, or any weapon to man handle them like that, pulease. I'm also anti-gadget man and I think most of them are false-aids. Or at least you can do it yourself with proper training.

You can cut 95% of the recoil out of a pistol yourself, with a proper grip.

The standard way in the USMC of teaching Marines about their pistol grip is to teach them to be firm but not overpowering - or at least they did when I was in. That's entry level pistol 101 right there.

The correct way to hold a pistol which dramatically reduces recoil, eliminate it, and gets your sights back on target faster for follow-ups - is with the use of what I call a "death" or "gorilla" grip.

A really, really tight pistol grip.

Squeeze the pistol so hard that you form imprints of the pistol grips right on the palm of your hands. A good, strong, proper-grip eliminates most recoil effects, and it keeps your sights on target for follow-ups.

But if someone gets this gizmo tell me how it does....

03-10-09, 07:25 AM
Yeah I noticed him shooting with a limp wrist as well...I don't see myself spending that kind of money on something like that anyways. Like you said, I can't even tell what exactly it is. I'm fine with shooting right now, but I saw this and was just curious.