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03-06-09, 10:45 AM
Program allows military to buyback computers
Lance Cpl. Bobby J. Yarbrough

CAMP FOSTER, Okinawa (March 6, 2009) -- In the age of ever-changing technology and instant information ready at the fingertips, living without a computer can feel like missing a virtual limb. For Marines stationed in Okinawa without a computer, the answer may be right under their noses.

The Marine Corps tagged 8,602 Navy and Marine Corps Intranet computers on Okinawa for replacement during fiscal year 2009. The NMCI Buy Back Program, which began Feb. 23, provides service members and Status of Forces Agreement personnel with an opportunity to purchase their current workstation if it is selected for replacement.

The price for a laptop is $199.99, while a desktop is $124.99. Desktops and laptops purchased through the program will not include software or software upgrades.

Interested personnel should contact Electronic Data Systems at 646-2925 to determine whether the computer they use is being replaced.

Next, eligible personnel need to complete a computer purchase request form and tape it to the workstation. When the workstation is ready to be replaced, it will be taken to Building 5 aboard Camp Foster.

Within three weeks, customers will be contacted by NMCI to purchase and pick-up their computer.

Eligible personnel can also buy more of the stations as long as assets are still available.

For more information regarding the Buy Back Program, visit https://www.homeport.navy.mil\transition\disposal.