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02-25-09, 09:19 PM
John Winger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000195/): Cut it out! Cut it out! Cut it out! The hell's the matter with you? Stupid! We're all very different people. We're not Watusi. We're not Spartans. We're Americans, with a capital 'A', huh? You know what that means? Do ya? That means that our forefathers were kicked out of every decent country in the world. We are the wretched refuse. We're the underdog. We're mutts! Here's proof: his nose is cold! But there's no animal that's more faithful, that's more loyal, more loveable than the mutt. Who saw "Old Yeller?" Who cried when Old Yeller got shot at the end?
[raises his hand]
John Winger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000195/): *sarcastically* Nobody cried when Old Yeller got shot? I'm sure.
[hands are reluctantly raised]
John Winger (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000195/): I cried my eyes out. So we're all dogfaces, we're all very, very different, but there is one thing that we all have in common: we were all stupid enough to enlist in the Army. We're mutants. There's something wrong with us, something very, very wrong with us. Something seriously wrong with us - we're soldiers. But we're American soldiers! We've been kicking ass for 200 years! We're 10 and 1! Now we don't have to worry about whether or not we practiced. We don't have to worry about whether Captain Stillman wants to have us hung. All we have to do is to be the great American fighting soldier that is inside each one of us. Now do what I do, and say what I say. And make me proud.
I think that quote from Stripes basically sums it up. Why in the world would anyone enlist in the Military when they could be hanging out making money and drinking fine wine? And for the love of Pete why join the worst funded, crappy housing, no money for gear, hardest boot camp, most dangerous branch of the military in the world???? People that don't join simply cannot understand. The Corps is not a job. It's not an adventure. It's a calling. I think Marines are born Marines. Destiny maybe. Certainly not a rational choice. I'm in the process of filling out the forms so I can go back in and lead a reserve Combat Engineer Company. The day I shipped to boot camp was the second best day of my life. The best day was the day I left Parris Island April 21, 1995. :marine:

02-25-09, 09:27 PM
Very well said Sir, very well said. I ask myself that question every single day, but if I could go back and have the choice to join up, I would make the same decision. I think its like a love/hate relationship, at least for me.

02-25-09, 09:32 PM
Go for it Cap....Once a Marine always a Marine..:iwo:

02-25-09, 10:14 PM
Well, I tell you. I Would Not change A G*d Da*m Thing. 'Ready-APP'.

02-25-09, 10:39 PM
I joined for the uniform and ladies that uniform brings in,,, all the other stuff in the Marines is worth that 1st class upgrade, that free dinner and that nice lady on your arm

02-26-09, 07:19 AM
I knew the Marines Corps was my calling. I came in thinking that I would be surrounded by gung-ho individuals all ready to teach, and train. But instead all i see here in the fleet is laziness and stupidity from Marines who have been on one pump and think they're hot ****, calling Lt's boots behind their backs and what not.

I love the Corps, I just hate hell out of the Marines I am serving with.