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02-21-09, 09:04 AM
Recruit Goes Through Boot Camp With FiancÚ
Reported by: Nikki Burdine
Friday, Feb 20, 2009 @05:54pm

PARRIS ISLAND, SC - During Nikki Burdine's trip to Parris Island, she met a local recruit from Thurmont in the midst of boot camp with quite a story to tell.

While most recruits have loved ones back home, Michael Lovejoy Junior’s fiancÚ is also trying to become a marine.

His parents say that the Lovejoys have a history of being in the marines. Michael Lovejoy Sr. was in the marines in the early 80's. His father was in the corps during the Korean War.

It wasn't a surprise when Michael Lovejoy jr. enlisted.

Lovejoy Sr. said, "He’s always had a passion for that uniform. Maybe there’s a little bias there with grandpa and myself."

What was a surprise was that Michael and his fiancÚ were joining up together.

When asked why they chose to do it together, Michael Lovejoy answered, "to do something different than most couples."

Being engaged while at Parris Island isn't as exciting as it sounds. In the Marine Corps, the men and women train separately, which means the only contact they have is through hand-written letters.

Lovejoy was not allowed to make contact with his fiancÚ despite the temptation. He didn’t know the consequences, but did not want to find out.

Cheryl Stanbaugh, Michael’s mother, said, "To have someone to join and go through the same type of experience is a very unique situation and that does raise your comfort level at some point - knowing that someone you care about is going through the same thing as you."

Now Michael, his fiancÚ Jolynn, his parents and sister, Amber are all looking forward to graduation day, and then, a wedding day. They both graduate on March 27th.

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