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02-16-09, 04:45 PM
Hey gents,

My friend is going to be getting her commission in the Navy soon. Is there a traditional gift you get someone when they receive their commission, or an old-school tradition, I'd like to give them something meaningful since I know all her friends are college kids/grads and don't know much about the military.


02-16-09, 05:50 PM
The Silver Dollar Salute

Why do newly commissioned Officers give a Silver Dollar to the recipient of their first salute? This long standing tradition doesn't seem to be documented in any Navy publications. It apparently started sometime in the 19th century with the Army.

It is said that you have to buy your first salute and then earn every salute there after through your performance and by gaining the respect of your subordinates. The Navy adopted the tradition some time prior to WW II and today the tradition is considered a way to show respect for those superior enlisted personnel who helped you achieve your commissioned status. I don't know how precise this theory is, but this is what I tell those who ask.

Hope this helps Cpl....

Semper Fi