View Full Version : Belleville Boot sizes vs. Nike

02-13-09, 06:17 PM
I'm looking at a pair of the Belleville desert boots, and I can't try 'em on to get a feel for the fit. I know how Nike tennie-runners fit, I always take a 13. What I would like to know from any of you Marines who wear the Bellevilles and Nike athletic shoes is, how do the sizes translate? Is a 13 Nike the same as a 13 Belleville? TIA for any help on this. S/F

02-15-09, 10:46 AM
I wear a size 14 nike and size 12 belleville if that helps.

02-15-09, 10:51 AM
Yes! That helps a LOT! That's exactly what I needed to know. Thanks! S/F