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02-12-09, 08:21 PM
A word or two before proceeding; The link following will take you to a web site that allows you to "smell" the bouquet pictured. This is rather interesting in that you do not actually detect an odor (from the screen), but the programming of the presentation is such that your sense's of smell and vision are stimulated in such a manner that you can actually experience "smelling" the object.

In the event you cannot open the site via the [Scratch & Sniff] button you may go to the http://www.slabearkazad.com/sniff/ site by copying and pasting the address to your search window.



Warning! This may not be acceptable to all viewers. Do not put your nose too close to the monitor. View at your own risk.

This is really incredible, I wonder how they did this?


Click on the link >>> Scratch & Sniff

I cant for the life of me figure it out!!!!!