View Full Version : Son is Sergeant now and in EOD, dployed to Japan

02-12-09, 02:47 PM
Son now has gone back again. This time for 3 years based in Oki. His wife and baby also went with. I am so thankful for internet.
This is his fifth year USMC.
Prayer works.:marine:
He has seen plenty of action in those years and several deployments, none of which were short.

02-12-09, 03:15 PM
Congrats Ma'am! I'm sure you are proud.:thumbup:

03-11-09, 02:01 AM
Many of the EOD guys out here (I'm currently on Okinawa with my family) are deployed to Afghanistan right now...returning at the end of this month.

If he needs anything, I would be happy to help to the extent of my ability. This is an...interesting...post.