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02-08-09, 08:27 AM
Another “Tradition” broken by the President
February 6th, 2009

“Patrick T” emailed us a link last night to a Yahoo/AP story about our dear President breaking yet another tradition.

Departing from the South Lawn, Obama broke from tradition as he boarded Marine One, the presidential helicopter. He seemed to stun the Marine standing at attention by reaching out to shake his hand. The Marine obliged, shaking the president’s hand before returning to a steady salute.

Since no one on the internet believes anything we write any more unless we have two sources they can click on from the comfort of their homes, here’s another account from the NY Daily News;

The intimate moment came when Obama saluted and then gestured to shake the Marine’s hand (most Presidents just salute and then board the aircraft). The surprised Marine shook Obama’s hand, exchanged pleasantries and then snapped his arm back to full salute.

There, we’ve fulfilled our obligation by spoon feeding the Leftist doubters their daily reason to hate us.

Jon Ward in the Washington Times noted the difference between Bush and Obama;

You can tell the difference between presidents — at least Bush and Obama — in the little things, and Obama’s gait on his way to the helo reflected the fact that this was a new experience for him. There was none of the familiarity that I so often saw watching Bush make this similar walk countless times.

Because Bush had respect for the position he was elected to, while Obama still thinks he’s more important than the office. In a way, it’s probably true, because he’s the American Idol President and his “fans” are willing to forgive him every little mistake. Watch the comments to see what I mean.

ADDED: The Wolf from Blackfive came by and dropped off the video from the Washington Times;

President Obama boards Marine One for the first time



02-09-09, 08:19 AM
Obama’s First Ride on Marine One
By Jeff Zeleny

President Obama stepped aboard Marine One for his maiden flight Thursday evening as he traveled from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base where a ride on Air Force One awaited.

It was another chance for the president to demonstrate his salute, which he did in crisp fashion as he walked toward the presidential helicopter. But when he approached the Marine who was standing at attention at the base of the steps, Mr. Obama leaned in and offered his hand. The young Marine quickly returned the handshake from his commander in chief before snapping back to his salute.

The moment, which is almost certainly not scripted in any protocol manuals, offered a window into the new trappings of office. Presidents typically give a salute and ascend the stairs without barely even making eye contact with the waiting Marine.

Mr. Obama was headed to Williamsburg, Va., where he was set to deliver an evening speech to a Democratic members of the House who are holding a retreat. The trip marked the first time the president has left Washington since taking office.

Joining the president for the ride were Rahm Emanuel, the chief of staff, Robert Gibbs, the press secretary, and a handful of advisers. A dozen or so young White House aides were on hand to watch the presidential departure. They waved, snapped pictures and cheered as Marine One lifted up into the darkening sky.

Mr. Obama has flown on Air Force One before, catching a ride with President Bush in 2005 coming back from Springfield, Ill., where the Abraham Lincoln presidential library was dedicated. At the time, when he was a freshman senator, he told a reporter that the presidential plane was cool.

But it was his first ride on Marine One.

“The helicopter was very smooth, very impressive,” Mr. Obama told reporters, dropped by the back cabin of the plane for a moment. “You go right over the Washington Monument and then you know – kind of curve in by the Capitol. It was spectacular.”

He had already traded his suit coat for an Air Force One jacket, which was waiting for him in his in-flight office. The presidential seal was on the right side, with “Barack Obama” stitched on the left.

“I’ve got my spiffy jacket,” he said, “so I thought I’d come and show it off.”